Thursday, 3 May 2018

Why Bitcoin In Pakistan Banned ? What Waqar Zaka Thinks About cryptocurrencies

 Japan made Bitcoin a legal Tender in 2017,
2) Estonia to Malta to Switzerland to Singapore to Belarus
inviting the world to run their Crypto business.
3) USA, U.K to Australia to Canada allowed Bitcoin ATMs
since 2015
So Pakistani economist or authorities think they are smarter
than above mentioned countries
Get me an appointment with State Bank / IT minister to
present reality of crypto, who is guiding them?
Request to Cheif justice sahab , please check how State
Bank is trying to save Low cost investment schemes of
banks and creating fear so ordinary Pakistani should not
enjoy the biggest profits in human history that can actually
change life style from economy to business class.
Pak Government is forcing legal big investment to leave
Pakistan by sending such messages and people from State
Bank argue that Cryptocurrency is not good , so please see
the above arguments I gave.
If some less informed person claim that Terrorist funding is
easy through Crypto, please be sensible , why a terrorist will
use internet or specially Blockchain to send money when it
keeps an open record of everything and anything on
Blockchain can easily be traced and if Terror attack funding
was really a reason , after 9/11 do you think USA will allow
crypto ATMs or CIA will allow crypto to operate ?
The reason is that Pak Government is aware onces crypto
and specially Blockchain gets popular in Pakistan, records
cannot be changes, from tax to value transfer to election
voting, so they are trying to create fear regarding
For everyone, about this SMS, Let's clear this message
which bank sent to you.
For last two years, I am , posting this ,
"you cannot have a Company's bank account for running
cryptocurrency business in Pakistan , State Bank is warning
Banks that they should not allow bank accounts doing
crypto business like was doing and that's the
reason it's no more"
If you buy a cryptocurrency or Invest in an ICO which is not
registered in countries which give license for such business
you will have problem but if you are buying crypto for
yourself not for selling others then just buy from Legal
Registered websites like coinbase or e-toro etc , if you buy
crypto from a trader who is not registered then you might
get into trouble as we don't know from where that trader got
Crypto , maybe from someone who was involved in illegal
activities as there is no 'Know your customer" KYC
Knowing this fact, I am running my business from Europe
for a year now , Pakistani Authorities are forcing technology
and investment to leave Pakistan as many miners from
Pakistan moved to other countries.
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