Tuesday, 2 June 2020

SEO 2020 Tips To Rank Site

Tips For  perfect SEO friendly content in 2020?

Seo is not a easy stuff. Some say WordPress is most
effective for SEO. Yes, I do agree. But WordPress can't do it
alone you have to follow few basic rules.
1. Content should be unique.
2. The content title should attract readers.
3. ContEnt titles should contain your keywords or tags
4. Contents first excerpt should contain your keyWords/
5. Choose your keywords by breaking them into words
6. Inner link inside your website to the different article is a
7. Outer link or outbound link to different websites also help
your search query.
8. Create backlinks for your blog article.
9. Submit your blog article to Google, Bing for the quick
10. Create webmaster tools to track back your article.
11. Ping your article from different sources.
12. Share your article through social media links.

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